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Sufficiency of Grace

Table is ready; The bread, The wine. There is enough for all. Let the children come To feast, Together. Hopeless Beloved Diseased Female Weary Victorious Outcast Let the children come. Grieving Courageous Tormented Free Challenged Bisexual Poor Let the children come. Humble Powerful Homeless Transgender Lonely Brilliant Lost Let the children come. Hungry Strong Criminal Accepted Bruised Lesbian Untouchable Let the children come. Merciful Gay Helpless Committed Distorted Unashamed Weak Let the children come. Pure Compassionate Unemployed Confident Victim Male Broken Let the children come. Peacemakers Straight Dying Loving Depressed Whole Forgotten Let the beautiful children Of all heavenly hues Come together To feast; Body, Blood. Consumed by the sufficiency of grace.