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Prayers of the People - August 23, 2015

Almighty God, creator of things seen and unseen, redeemer of our lives and your world, sustainer of your spirit of mercy and grace, the heavens declare your glory, the earth sings of your abundance, and our lives bear witness to your love.  In this space, at this moment, speaking of such things is easy. We sit surrounded by a community which has chosen to gather on this day to sing, to listen, and to pray. And we give you thanks for moments like these.  However, it is not always easy. We often ignore the difficult work toward which you have called us as well as the people all around us who you ask us to love with our words and our deeds. Lord, within the uneven terrain of our confused motives and intentions help us to find your way and the one thing you are asking us to do especially when we find the task most arduous.  We pray and ask that our prayers become more than words. We ask that they become the heart of our actions.  God of all,  for those on the margins and those who are marg