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The World Beginning to Change

The best of humanity came from across Central Indiana to the Gathertorium at Martin University. They gathered together to celebrate the wonder of life, to honor the work and legacy of one of their own (Imam Michael "Mikal" Saahir), to show the world that it is possible to come together in peace, to sing a new song of unity, to prove that there is reason for joy even in a time often filled with bad news. Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Pagans, Hindus, Christians, Jains, Wiccans, Buddhists, Atheists, Church of Latter-day Saints, all as a part of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, gathered together in a magnificent tapestry of faith, friendship, and commitment to a better way; a way of love. This is not the easy way. But this is the way toward a kinder and more compassionate world; the way toward a future of peace and harmony. This is the way of interfaith. Interfaith work asks that we see the best in one another and seek the best for one another. Interfaith work does not ask pract
They are friends and mothers, fathers and teenagers, children and toddlers, families,  our family, gathered to pray; gathered to be in the presence of one another, in the presence of the divine. When white terror interrupted their quiet acts of devotion. Their corporate sounds of worship drowned out by the chaos of hate ringing through the air. Taken in cold blood because  of who they are, what they name the divine, the hue of their skin, their native tongue. Ripped from those they love, from those who love them best, by hatred and evil that sinfully deems itself superior to all others; the lie of epic proportions,  this supremacy of whiteness, a monster of unrivaled ungodliness in all of its naked hideousness exposed for the world to see as the scourge of all humanity. - bshivers 
like water to a thirsty soul, like salve to a wounded heart, like manna to a starving spirit is unconditional acceptance, is unmerited grace, is unending love. - bshivers

Grief for New Zealand

Today, I grieve.  We all should grieve.  Hate has once again led to innocents being murdered in an act of terrorism. White supremacy has ended the lives of at least 49 of our sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and children while they were praying in their masjid in New Zealand today.  Do something in response. Visit your local mosque this weekend. Send a letter to your Muslim friends. Pledge your support. Stand up against the scourge of white supremacy and xenophobia  in all their forms. Take action against hate. Ideologies of hate and supremacy ultimately lead to tragedies like this. Peace is up to each one of us. To my Muslim friends, sisters, and brothers, may you find the comfort of God’s presence in the midst of your grief. Standing with you in solidarity and faith.