Grief for New Zealand

Today, I grieve. 
We all should grieve. 
Hate has once again led to innocents being murdered in an act of terrorism. White supremacy has ended the lives of at least 49 of our sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and children while they were praying in their masjid in New Zealand today. 
Do something in response. Visit your local mosque this weekend. Send a letter to your Muslim friends. Pledge your support. Stand up against the scourge of white supremacy and xenophobia in all their forms. Take action against hate.
Ideologies of hate and supremacy ultimately lead to tragedies like this. Peace is up to each one of us.
To my Muslim friends, sisters, and brothers, may you find the comfort of God’s presence in the midst of your grief. Standing with you in solidarity and faith.


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