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Choose Humanity

Have the courage to choose  humanity over words, no matter how sacred  those words may be. Words come easy. Embodying mercy, acceptance, love, and grace is much more difficult but is the way toward transformation of us all. Choose humanity. # choosehumanity

Hey, You

(a poem) Hey,  you; Yeah,  you. The one      sitting over there. The one      standing alone. The one      lost in thought. The one      feeling insecure. Listen. No, not to the noise, not to the lies, not to the thoughts      that clutter your brain;      that distract you;      that make you anxious. Listen deeper; listen way down deep to the rhythm of the universe that says, "You are beautiful;" "You are magnificent;" "You are necessary;" "You are perfectly you." Hey,  you. Yeah,  you. - bshivers

Time to Breathe

(a poem) There is time. These hours These minutes These seconds There is time. Breathe in this moment. Breathe out its remnants. Savor the joy. Dwell in the pain. There is time. This now is what we share. This instant is what we have. It is not passing. It is eternally here. There is time. There is time. Inhale. Exhale. There is time. Time to breathe. - bshivers

Mortal Enemies

(a poem) You  are not my enemy.  I  am not yours.  We may fundamentally  disagree.  We may never see eye to eye.  We may not understand our differing points of view.  But we share a common  humanity, a fragile mortality.   We must not buy the deadly lies  we are sold; difference  is to be feared, otherness  is a  threat, homogeneity  is the  goal.  No.  There is beauty  in this kaleidoscope.  There is magnificence  in this mystery.  There is wonder  in this journey.  We must learn to walk, to live, to be together.  We are not enemies.  We are family.