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Commissioning Not Capstone - Footsteps of Faith

I just returned home from a ten day adventure with a group of recent high school graduates. This  experience is part of a program we call  Footsteps of Faith . The young people who participate each year meet every week from September through the beginning of April. Along the way, they explore faith and scripture on a deeper level, investigate vocation (calling), and are sent by the church toward and into what is next with a blessing to be a blessing. The experience ends with the group traveling together following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. This was the fifteenth year for this program. It has not only transformed the lives of the young people and adult leaders who have participated, but it has also changed the church in ways we could have never imagined or anticipated.  As we were returning home yesterday, I asked the students to reflect on their experience in a word or phrase. Here is what they said... Unforgettable  Blessed Petrichor - the smell and feeling after