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Prayers of the People - 1 Kings 19:1-16 - June 23, 2013

This prayer is based on 1 Kings 19:1-16.  The lectionary text for Sunday, June 23. And the beautiful sermon preached by Rev. Caroline Dennis. Let us pray... Like Elijah, O God, we are tempted to run and hide from you and from self during the storms of life.  There it seems as though our very lives are at risk.  Sometimes they actually are, and we feel empty, abandoned. The torrent of the winds of life threatens to tear our world apart. All around us we see despair, hunger, disease, and hardship. In the midst of the noise of the billowing winds, help us to hear the stillness of yur voice. The earth beneath our feet seems to be moving. We have lost jobs, difficulty in our relationships, struggle to make ends meet, and are overwhelmed by life itself. When our feet are unsteady, help us to listen to the ways in which you call and lead us. The flames of fear, worry, and doubt seek to consume us and everything around us. Anxiety fills our minds and apprehension our lives. W

Places and People

Astonishing people. Astonishing places. As I have hit the ground in Athens for another adventure walking in the footsteps of the matriarchs and patriarchs of the Christian faith, I am overwhelmed by the power of the people and the places.   In a land so rich in history, it is easy to get swept away in the beauty and grandeur of the architecture, art, and structures nearly everywhere the eye can see.  These monuments are a testimony to the creative genius and ingenuity of humanity.  Some of these buildings are over two thousand years old, and they still stand strong today.  The Parthenon, the ancient Olympic stadium, the temple of Zeus, Hadrian's gate all leave one standing in awe with mouth agape.   That is only part of the story.  For the world is also filled with astonishing people.  I stand humbled in the presence of these beautiful creative forces whose lives reflect the love of God and the transforming power of Holy Spirit.  Whether it is the kind man in the O'

Footsteps of Faith day One - Departures and Arrivals

After a long journey, we have arrived safely in Athens.  All 30 of us are excited and ready to start our adventure together in earnest.  Upon arrival in this magnificent city, we were met by Eleni (Helen), our tour guide.  She and Mateas (Matthew) took us for a guided motor coach tour of the city.  We saw the parliament building, syntagma square, the library, the gardens, the temple of Zeus, Hadrian's gate, and the Olympic stadium. Tonight, we will walk through the plaka to our restaurant for our first foray into Greek cuisine.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please pray for rest tonight as tomorrow is one of the busiest and heaviest walking days of the entire trip. Blessings.

A Note to the Class of 2013

Thank you, Class of 2013, for all you stand for and for all you will do to make this world we share a better place. Thank you for your willingness to ask the hard questions. Thank you for your desire to serve others. Thank you for your commitment to justice for all. Thank you for your adventurous spirit. Thank you for your fun-loving attitude. Thank you for your imagination. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your tireless love for others. Thank you for being my teacher. You have already changed the world in which we live, and it will continue to be transformed because of you. Thank you, Class of 2013.