Places and People

Astonishing people.
Astonishing places.

As I have hit the ground in Athens for another adventure walking in the footsteps of the matriarchs and patriarchs of the Christian faith, I am overwhelmed by the power of the people and the places.  

In a land so rich in history, it is easy to get swept away in the beauty and grandeur of the architecture, art, and structures nearly everywhere the eye can see.  These monuments are a testimony to the creative genius and ingenuity of humanity.  Some of these buildings are over two thousand years old, and they still stand strong today.  The Parthenon, the ancient Olympic stadium, the temple of Zeus, Hadrian's gate all leave one standing in awe with mouth agape.  

That is only part of the story.  For the world is also filled with astonishing people.  I stand humbled in the presence of these beautiful creative forces whose lives reflect the love of God and the transforming power of Holy Spirit.  Whether it is the kind man in the O'Hare Airpport who was filled with wonder and curiosity about our journey, the 29 pilgrims with whom I am sharing this experience, Eleni our incredible and incomparable tour guide in Athens, or you at home supporting us with your prayers, I am thankful for the way in which lives intersect and are forever changed by the encounter.  

Astonishing people.
Astonishing places. 

What has astonished you today?


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