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Now Is the Time - Young People Need You

My heart was heavy as I watched the news of another school shooting today. I sat with my mouth agape as streaming across my television screen were images of panicked middle school children evacuating  their building with hands held high and cheeks stained with tears. I was overwhelmed as I heard the cracking voices of bewildered parents who sent their children to school this morning never dreaming that such a nightmare could ever happen in their town, their neighborhood, and their school to their children. And like many of you, I was left wondering why.  Why do these events seem to be happening with frightening frequency?  Why are young people choosing to face their fears and struggles with such violent and deadly force?  Why? I am not equipped to answer questions such as these. Furthermore, I am not sure that answering the why would get us any closer to a solution.  However, what I do know is that young people need us. Young people need adults in their lives not to tell the

A Prayer to Begin Again

In the face of  failure, regret, uncertainty  may I have  the courage to  begin again.  In the grip of worry, fear,   insecurity may I find  the  fortitude to begin again.  In the arms of victory, success, vindication may I learn  the humility to begin again.  In the heart of confidence, delight, satisfaction may I gain the conviction to begin again.  In the midst of beginnings, middles, ends may I discover the wisdom to begin again.  written New Year's Day, 2014