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Tonight, can you summon the strength to know you are loved; you are accepted; you are free; you are enough? Choose one to live into, tonight. If you cannot, know the truth of each dwells in the depth of what it means to be human; of what it means to be, tonight.

This Day

May this day be the day you breathe deeply. May this day be the day you seek genuinely. May this day be the day you walk confidently. May this day be the day you love fiercely. May this day be the day you live fully. May this day be the day.


all i desire in this life... is  to be real; to dwell fully in this day; to know what it is to love until it hurts; to be moved to tears for someone else; to act on behalf of others; to see humanity; to be connected; to begin to understand that I am accepted; to start from original blessing; to live; to be real is all i desire in this life.

An Ode to Love

An Ode to Love by Brian Shivers 2/14/17 Love is not accidental. Love is not manufactured. Love is not something one stumbles into. Love is not a surprise. Love is a strange series of decisions both big and small -         to listen,           to stay,             to linger,          to wait,         to learn,             to discover,          to wonder,                 to wander,         to win,           to fail,             to try again,            to be with - stacked one upon another, upon another, upon another. Love is discovery. Love is in spite of. Love is because of. Love is surprise. Love is a courageous decisive act every single day. Love is the beautiful mysterious journey into the depths of self to find love itself. Love is.

A Magnificence

A Magnificence by Brian Shivers 2/12/17 There is a magnificence in this world; a one of a kind tribute to beauty and grace; a spectacular creation history has never held until this moment and will never hold again; a glimpse of eternity held within the promise that is life. You are right here, right now, and that is enough. You are enough. Today, be fearless in being you. And tomorrow be . . . once more.