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The Hard Work of Peace

Peace is hard work.
It requires much of us,
and together.
Peace demands that
the life of each person is
as sacred.
We have been entrusted
with one another.
It is all we have.
Our very existence
depends upon
our investment
in us,
in all of us.
This is the pathway
to peace.

what if

what if,
just what if,
we were able
to figure out how
to understand,
to finally realize,
that every person’s experience
of themselves,
of their lives,
of their very own journey
is normal,
and they have no need of
anyone else’s endorsement,
anyone else’s permission,
anyone else’s approval,
or of self appointed gatekeepers
who long to enforce
arbitrary artificial standards
of what it means
to be human.
how beautiful would it be
if we celebrated
the way in which
each person
lives their one magnificent life
and fought
for each person’s right
to be exactly
who they are?
what if . . .