They are
friends and mothers,
fathers and teenagers,
children and toddlers,
our family,
gathered to pray;
gathered to be
in the presence
of one another,
in the presence
of the divine.
When white terror interrupted
their quiet
acts of devotion.
Their corporate
sounds of worship
drowned out by
the chaos of hate
ringing through the air.
Taken in cold blood because 
of who they are,
what they name the divine,
the hue of their skin,
their native tongue.
Ripped from those they love,
from those who love them best,
by hatred and evil
that sinfully deems itself
superior to all others;
the lie of epic proportions, 
this supremacy of whiteness,
a monster of unrivaled ungodliness
in all of its naked hideousness
exposed for the world to see
as the scourge
of all humanity.
- bshivers 


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