It Changes Everything

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything!

Death no longer has a foothold in our world.  It is not the final answer. 

What does this mean for those of us who believe?  There are many important answers to this question.  However, neither space nor time allows for a full treatment of them all.  Therefore, I will focus on this...

The belief that Jesus got up means that our lives should be characterized by the hope of the resurrection.  Wherever death appears to reign, we should be proclaiming and bringing life.  When you read death, do not simply think about the end of physical life.  Instead, think of all of the places and ways that people live with the pain of emotional, mental, spiritual, economic, psychological, physiological, educational, political and nutritional death everyday (not by their own choosing most of the time). 

It is our calling as people of the resurrection to proclaim life and bring life into these situations - all through the life giving power of the risen Christ. Resurrection people are called to be the hands and feet of justice, freedom, healing, grace and love in our world. 

This is not about having the "right" answers. If it were, we would never act; we would only argue (hmm, we have seen this before, haven't we?). The resurrection should move us to move!

Come on Easter people.  Christ is risen!  Risen, indeed.  Now let us all pray that we can find the courage to live as if it is true.

Yes, the resurrection of Jesus changes everything!

How might we be agents of the resurrection?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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