Beginning of All Things

The absence of light so thick it can be felt.
I look around struggling to see my hand before my face.
My eyes try to adjust to the nothingness.
However, they, like me, know that this isn't natural.
This density is not what we were meant to see.

Suddenly, off in the distance a light shining.
It is outside of me, yet strangely it comes from within.
The light grows in its intensity and beckons me to come.
I wonder, "Could this light have been shining all along?"
"Has it been there since the beginning?"

I long to walk toward this light.
However, I am frightened to go there alone.
Summoning all of my strength, I step out.
With one step, I am surrounded by this light.
Enveloped in its warmth and engulfed by its power.

Again my eyes flutter to adjust.
With each blink, they see a little more clearly.
With each blink, my mind understands more of the mystery.
I see that many have made this journey with me.
They have followed this strange light shining in the east.

And the darkness...gone.
And here there are no shadows.
They have been swallowed by good news of great joy.
The beginning of all things.
And I have no fear.

by Brian Shivers


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