Fragrance of Grace

The sense of smell is a powerful thing.

Certain odors have the capacity to stir deep-seated memories.  Some can produce cold chills or feelings of euphoria.  Others can strike fear in the heart or can overwhelm with feelings of warmth and comfort.  Still others can transport your mind to a certain place or time deeply hidden within the recesses of your mind.

The sense of smell is a powerful thing.

The mind can conjure up smells from the past as events from days gone by stroll through the mist of daydreams.

If I think hard enough, I can still smell the scent of early spring in my childhood home as the windows were opened and the fresh breeze cleaned the air of winter’s stagnation.

I can smell my grandmother’s house on a lazy Sunday afternoon as the green beans, mashed potatoes and roast beef were prepared in the quaint kitchen my grandfather built with his own hands.    

I can smell Christmas morning with all of the trimmings.

I can smell freshly cut grass.

I can smell lilacs in full bloom.

The sense of smell is a powerful thing.

Aromas surround us every moment of every day, yet they most often go unnoticed or are enjoyed only for an instant.

Sometimes they take us by surprise and send us, if even for a moment, to another place void of worry and stress… 
the fragrance of early morning dew,
the smell of afternoon sunshine,
the flowers at night,
that certain perfume,
laundry fresh from the dryer,
chocolate chip cookies in the oven,
McDonald’s French fries,
garlic bread,

Consider fragrance to be God’s gift of grace in disguise. 

This grace surrounds us every moment of every day, yet it most often goes unnoticed or is enjoyed only for an instant.  It is seldom celebrated and frequently ignored.  Yet, it is life giving and there for everyone. 

So today, take a long deep breath.

Breathe in the sweet bouquet of God’s grace.  Allow this amazing grace to fill your soul with the reality of God’s love and tender acceptance.

The sense of smell is indeed a powerful thing.

by Brian Shivers


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