The Strongest Man in the World

“Step right up folks!” the man said in a voice that seemed to invite the whole world in.  “Step right up and you will see the strongest man in the world!” 

As a crowd began to gather, he continued, “That’s right folks, there has never been another quite like him.  Marvel above all marvels is he; the strongest man in the world.  Step right up.”

The curious onlookers were hooked by this man’s enthusiastic invitation.  And after a short pause, his piercing voice once again cut through the thick summer air.  “Witness him as he carries the entire weight of the world on his shoulders.”

“Watch in awe as he successfully battles all comers,” he said.

“Look upon him in amazement as his muscles, built through hard work and dedication, bulge with every move.”

The mans eyes sparkled as he exclaimed, “Listen in wide-eyed wonder as he stuns and surprises all with a wisdom beyond that ever seen!”

Those crowded there stood in eager anticipation of his arrival.  Nervous energy made them dance on their toes hoping to just catch a glimpse.

Once again the pregnant silence was broken.  “Yes, step right up and you will see the greatest man of them all.”

“HURRY!  HURRY!  HURRY!  For through that door is about to appear the strongest man in the world!”  He shouted.

As the doorknob rattled, the people held their breath.  The tension was so thick it could be felt.  The door opened and shrieks of joy filled the once stale air.  At that moment, those gathered were confident that everything the carnie had said was absolutely true because they knew the man who walked through the door. 

With one voice the crowd of three shouted, “DADDY!”  They ran and threw themselves around his legs knowing that he, the strongest man in the world, would never let them fall.

by Brian Shivers

The above was written about James Shivers, my father, many years before he passed away.  He was my hero then.  He is my hero now.


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