I Pledge Thee

A rose could be given
Fragrant and tantalizing.
Yet even in all its elegance,
Petals fall and dark hues fade.

Rich chocolates could be presented
Sweet and pleasing to the tongue.
Yet the flavor never lingers,
Nor does its substance satisfy.

Precious stones could be offered
Glimmering and wonderful to behold.
Yet gold inevitably loses its luster,
Becoming a simple addition to life’s box of jewels.

So, I pledge thee my heart.
The entirety of my love for you
Beats within its chambers.
You are the passion flowing through my veins.

I present thee my soul.
The riddle of who I am
Held in this invisible mystery.
You are the missing piece of the puzzle that is me.

I offer thee my life.
Joy and sorrow; laughter and tears
Combined into this long pilgrimage.
You are the partner that makes life out of living.

by Brian Shivers


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