Living Life in the Unexpected

Life seldom goes according to plan.  It is funny that way. 
We work.
We strive.
We prepare.
Then in one momentary blink of an eye, everything changes!
Work ceases or is redirected.
Aspirations must be re-examined in light of new developments.
Plans are irrevocably altered.

Who are you in those moments?
Where is your head?  Where is your heart? 
What emotions are stirred just in considering such interruptions?

I contend that God is a God of those moments.  As a matter of fact, I think God specializes in them. 
Consider this...
An older woman, well beyond childbearing years, gives birth to a nation.
A shepherd, minding his father-in-law's flock, finds the fire of justice and freedom kindled in his soul.
A young boy from a nowhere town is annointed king.
A teenage girl finds herself pregnant and carrying salvation for all humanity in her young womb.
A firey religious leader finds his pious zeal transformed into a passion for the gospel of grace.
A Roman instrument of death becomes the symbol of God's unending love for humanity.

Yes, God seems to specialize in taking our scattered lives and shattered plans and transforming them into something even more than anything we could have ever imagined.

Where is it right now that you are experiencing the dispair of the unexpected? 
Where are your anxieties growing over the interruption or redirection of your plans?

Be present there.  Really present.
Continue to move...
God is faithful. What comes to pass may not be easy.  What transpires may not be what you would expect.  But God is present.  God is working.  Even in the midst of the unexpected. Just ask Sarah, Moses, David, Mary or Paul.


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