A Place to Start

Sometimes conversations about faith and God can be difficult.  As a matter of fact, we are taught that you never talk about the weather, politics or religion in public.  However, it is vital that these conversations, as uncomfortable as they may be, take place in your home. 

So, where do you start?

Start with a question like...
What do you think God is like?
Why do you think it is important to do good things for other people?
Where do you think your amazing talents come from?
What do you think happens when someone dies?

listen.  Listen to their responses without interruption.  Allow them to share what they think.  After that, take the opportunity to share your thoughts.  Conversations like these give birth to more trust and more conversations.  Therefore, make sure you are ready.  And don't get discouraged if the first several are very short and to the point.  It takes a while to warm up to these deep conversations.

God bless as you continue these conversations with your children.


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