Take a Break

When was the last time everyone in your family was unplugged? 

Think about it.

When was the last time there were no cell phones, no computers, no television, no iPhones, iPads, and iPods in use by the people in your house?

It doesn't happen often, that is for sure.  

What if once a week, you called for a technology fast? This would mean that everyone in the family would be unplugged for a designated amount of time to do something together that requires no electronic devices at all. This is a tremendous challenge for all of us. I understand. We have all become accustomed to having something electronic at our side or in our hand at all times. 

My family recently went to an orchard to pick apples. It was wonderful. We leisurely strolled through the orchard. We took our time and picked our favorite apples direcly from the trees. It was a great break in a busy weekend. And has become a once a year adventure for us. It was a great way to unplug!

There are opportunities all around you. You don't have to go far. Walk through the neighborhood. Take advantage of the cool weather and fire up the grill. Shoot some hoops. Play a card game.

Your children will most likely balk at the suggestion of a technology fast (so will the parents), but if you do something fun together, the complaining will most likely subside (or at least decrease in intensity). 

Ready, set, unplug! 


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