The Table

Sunday, October 2 was world communion Sunday. 

Christians all around the world celebrated this sacrament as they gathered in cathedrals, store fronts, homes, massive modern buildings and small colonial edifices.
We broke the bread as congregationalists, Presbyterians, non-denominationalists, Methodists, Baptists, Greek Orthodox, Disciples and Catholics.
The cup was lifted before the rich, the poor, the middle class, the hungry, the hurting, the well, the diseased, the estranged, the outcast, the downtrodden and the recently diagnosed.
The invitation to the Lord's table was given and received by people representing nearly every nation and people possessing every hue of melanin. 

What drew us together?
The Christ. 
We were all welcomed to the table because of and through the work of Jesus, the Christ. 
At that table, we celebrated God's redeeming activity in our lives and in our world.
At that table, we looked forward to God's unending work in the world and our charge to partner in that work. 
At that table, we were called to begin again and to forgive as we have been forgiven.
At that table, we were transformed more into the likeness of the one who welcomed us to the table.
The Christ.

Remember, at the center of our faith is Jesus, the Christ. Jesus calls all to come and follow. 
Regardless of the state in which we find ourselves at this very moment, Jesus calls. 
Regardless of the struggles present in our lives and the doubts with which we live, Jesus calls.
Regardless of our past and our present, Jesus calls.
We have been invited to come to the table where we can find renewal, forgiveness, sustenance, and hope.

You have been invited.
Come to the table.


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