Discipleship - Fall Retreat - November 5-6

We had an amazing fall retreat the weekend of November 5-6.  The weather couldn't have been better and the students were outstanding.

We spent the weekend around the theme of discipleship.  Psalm 1 and a wide variety of other texts were our focus.

On Saturday night we defined discipleship. On Sunday morning, we discussed what discipleship looks like in the lives of those we consider to be people of faith. On Sunday afternoon, we discovered how we might plant the seeds of discipleship in our world and in the lives of those around us.

Throughout the retreat we constructed three "discipleship trees." We added leaves that represented the names and lives of those whom we consider to be disciples. We then added seeds to represent the seeds of discipleship that we hope to plant.

Ask your student who they see as examples of discipleship in their lives and why they consider these people to be disciples. Share your own examples of discipleship from your life.

Then share with one another what characteristics of discipleship you hope to develop in your own lives.

Look for information regarding our winter retreats coming soon.
Click here for a photo album of our retreat.


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