New Narrative - The Fight Against Bullying

It is no secret.  Bullying is a huge problem.  It seems as though there is a new story about a tragic end to bullying every other week. Something must be done to end this cycle. I am convinced that we all can play a part. We will never be able to make bullying stop completely - it grows from the bully's insecurities and struggles. However, we can empower young people to say no to the lies and fables the bullies perpetuate. I believe that this can begin with speaking a "new narrative" into the lives of the young people with whom we interact.

A narrative is a story, a tale, a recollection or a recounting - whether true or fictitious. Many young people hear or experience only negative narratives about their lives. They hear others say or behave in such a way that suggests that they are a waste of time, space and oxygen.

It is time to speak a new narrative of acceptance, love and challenge into the lives of young people everywhere and to live in such a way that our actions match our words.

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about how we can begin to be proactive about speaking a new narrative into the lives of those aruond us.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


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