New Narrative - The Power of Words

Remember the old adage,
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words
Will never hurt me

It is a lie. It is a bold faced lie, and we all know it.

Words have the power to not only injure, but also to destroy. These words that have such destructive power are a part of the negative narrative that many young people hear each and every day.

The good news is that words also have the power to heal, and also to build. Simple words have such incredible power. Words such as these are a part of the new narrative which we can begin to speak into the lives of the young people with whom we live.

After we have taken the time and energy to create a safe space for our children to genuinely be themselves (see New Narrative - Voices and Images), new words - a new narrative - can be spoken into the space. Be aware, this new space is fragile. It is a space that must be honored and handled with care. It is a space that is open to the possibility of something new. Into this wonderful space, into the life of the young person, speak genuine words of hope and promise. How? You can begin by saying something like...
"Do you want to know what I love about you..."
"When I look at you I see..."
"You know what I think are some of your most amazing qualities..."

Be genuine.
Speak directly.
Speak honestly.
Tell them why you think the things you think about them. These words are a part of the new narrative. By speaking new words into their life, you are helping them to see that which is wonderful about them. You are changing the words they hear and clearing their eyes to be able to see something new - to hear and see a new narrative into which they can live.

Next week - New Narrative - The Courage to Persevere.


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