Day Five - Wade in the Water

Another full day! 

This is a wonderful land with incredibly wonderful people. From Jerusalem to Nazareth to Tiberias to the Golan Heights to Capernaum, I have met individuals who I will never forget, and whose impact on my life cannot be measured. I am deeply grateful and cannot imagine what the next few days might have in store for me. 

A couple of today's adventures...
We got to see this incredible first century fishing found buried in the mud along the Sea of Galilee. Upon seeing the vessel, it was not a stretch to imagine Peter, Andrew, James and John fishing from such a sail boat or to see Jesus sleeping in its bow during a pop up storm on the Sea of Galilee (like the one outside my window right now). It truly was a wonder to behold. 

We ate this magnificent lunch on top of the Golan Heights at this tiny restaraunt owned and operated by a Druze family (look up the Druze faith. I wasn't familiar with it either). We had amazing falafel, delicious fried pita chips and homemade cinnamon tea. However, the highlight of the meal was labneh. It is a very thin pita bread (think crepe thickness) filled with a wonderful cheese spread with olive oil and a za'atar spice mix. We also got to watch as the bread was made. These were incredible, and we have Ami, our guide, and the wonderful Druze family to thank for it!

We also saw the fishing town of Capernaum where Jesus called the first disciples and launched his ministry, the Tel Dan which is the home of the Israelite Tribe of Dan, Caesarea Philippi, and more. Such an incredible day. 

One final thought. Today was a day filled with water - the Galilee, the Jordan, the source waters, and rain. Along the way, I was reminded that sometimes life is about wading into the water even when you do not know what to expect once you get in. 

The priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant wadded into the waters of the Jordan as they led the Israelites under Joshua's command.  We are told that the waters stopped flowing allowing the people to cross safely into the Promise Land. 

Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee, asked if he could also walk on water to meet Jesus. Jesus told Peter to come, and he got out of the boat and walked on water. 

We do not know what this project we are investigating holds for us. There are many questions and uncertainties. We know that it will be complicated at times and the answers won't always be simple. However, we are willing to wade into the waters. 

Praying for more discoveries and wonderful interactions.

Until later...
Shalom from the Sea of Galilee. 


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