New Narrative - The Art of Being

In our culture, we have mastered the art of doing.
Just look at our schedules. They are overflowing with things we need to do...
Pick up the laundry;
Go to the store;
Clean the mud room;
Meet with so and so;
Do such and such.

The list seems to go on and on. And we meet ourselves coming and going.

The lives of our children are much the same...
Study for the test;
Pick up my room;
Go to the gym;
Read for English;
Meet so and so;
Do such and such.

Schedules and agendas are a part of life. They are necessary. They keep us organized and focused.

The struggle is when our schedules begin to crowd out living our lives.
The problem is when doing gets in the way of being.

When we go on retreats with students from Second Presbyterian Church, we always build "free time" into the schedule. Every retreat several students approach one of the adult leaders and ask, "What are we supposed to do now?"
We are often greeted with a blank stare when we respond, "Go, have free time. Be with one another. Do whatever you want."
The young people have become so adept at doing that they have forgotten how to be. The same can be said for many of us (present company included).

So, here is a challenge. Sometime this month, plan a day or half of a day when you can just "be" together.
No plans.
No schedule.
No agenda.
Just be.

Practicing the Art of Being is a New Narrative in a world that is so concerned and consumed with "doing."

Have fun discovering what it means to "be" together.


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