New Narrative - Mission Experiences

There is only one spot remaining for the Middle School trip

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled "New Narrative - Positive Risk Taking" (if interested, you can read it by clicking on the title). The point of the post is the felt and real need for risk taking in the lives of teens, and how we might provide positive avenues for that risk taking. One idea that was mentioned in the post was service or mission experiences.

Why should we consider encouraging our young people to participate in such mission experiences?

We provide such experiences for the youth of Second Presbyterian Church for several reasons. We believe these mission trips are unique and give our youth the opportunity to...

 (1) become "other" focused,
 (2) give of themselves and their faith to help those in need,
 (3) further expand their world and world-view,
 (4) interact with our brothers and sisters in diverse communities and their rich cultural heritage,
 (5) practice positive risk taking,
 (6) learn new skills,
 (7) see the effectiveness of a body of believers who work together toward a common goal,
 (8) stretch their faith,
 (9) strengthen their personal relationships with Christ, and
(10) gain a better understanding of what it means to be a world Christian.
Week 1 has room; Week 2 is full with a waiting list.

It is our long term goal that students gain an understanding how they can live out their faith through service within  their everyday surroundings.  They do not have to go some place exotic or expensive to serve.  There are countless opportunities right next door.

Short summer mission trips are transformative experiences for the youth of our congregation as well as their adult advisers.  It is a privilege to witness God's work firsthand.

There are still a few spaces for this year's mission trips (week 2 of the high school trip is currently full with a waiting list).  Click on one of the images above to be taken to the information and registration page.  All of the trips will fill up completely.  We want your young person to be a part of these experiences.  Please sign them up NOW.

Trips such as these are a part of living into a New Narrative of hope, peace, and justice.


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