Hiding Vegetables

Confession time... 
Sometimes Jennifer and I would hide vegetables in other foods just so our daughter, who had yet to learn to enjoy eating the vibrant colors found in the garden, would eat them. It's really an easy trick that is shared by many parents - spinach in lasagna, kale in soup, broccoli in stir fry. The vegetables are good for them. Therefore, we feel justified in our slight of hand. And...your parents probably did it, too.

However, we must be careful. The same sneaky technique is not helpful in all areas of life. In fact, it can be downright harmful and even deadly.

But, yet we persist in doing it. We hide things that are ultimately unpalatable within the seemingly desirable in hopes that others won't notice until it is too late and both have been digested.

Recently from bully pulpits, political stumps, and sanctimonious soapboxes public figures, speakers, and authors have attempted to disguise the toxin of hate within the enticing jargon of religion. And the ruse often goes unnoticed.

However, hiding hatred in our religion is never justifiable no matter what we call it or what excuse we give for imparting it. Once ingested hatred devours the soul even though it may feel good and even satisfying going down. It is at its most dangerous and delicious when this hatred is disguised as righteousness.

We must be aware...hiding hatred in religion is an easy trick used by many in an attempt entice, incite, and poison the rest of us.

Dear Lord, may we have the courage to excise hatred from our faith especially when we confuse that hatred with righteousness. Amen.


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