To the Class of 2014...

Thank you. 

Thank you for being passionate about the world in which you live.

Thank you for demanding authenticity over flair. 

Thank you for your goofy sense of humor. 

Thank you for the depth of your questions and the honesty of your thoughts. 

Thank you for your faith and for your doubt. 

Thank you for your willingness to be sincere about your own brokenness. 

Thank you for your eyes 
          which look upon the world with interest, desire, and hope. 

Thank you for your hands 
          which text, tweet, blog, and post but with which you also dig into the soil to make change happen. 

Thank you for your feet 
          which are in perpetual motion from one adventure to the next. 

Thank you for being my teacher. 

Your school, your community, your world have been transformed because of you, and the transformation within you and within your world have only just begun. 

I wait in eager anticipation of the next chapter with you.   

Walk into what's next with confidence and hope. We are and will continue to be better because of you. 

I thank God for you, Class of 2014. 


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