The Doctrine of Fear

A doctrine of fear is void of substance.

One can hear its folly in the voices of those who damn others to hell in order to justify themselves; one can see its madness in the red faces of its prophets and preachers whose volume betrays their uncertainty; one can feel its absurdity in the violence contained in their message and their ways.

These ministers of mayhem know that fear sells and motivates people. The missive is ravenously purchased as if it were a scarce precious resource no one can live without. And it seems as though the world is being consumed by it. As a result, fear becomes a way of life and spawns hatred.  

However, whether it is hidden behind a mask, a sheet, a saber, a hood, or a bullhorn the message of fear is destined to fail.

There is another way: a better way.

It is the way of hope; of grace; of mercy; of peace; of love. This way of truth is spoken from pulpits in mosques, churches, synagogues, and cathedrals around the world. You can hear it ringing out in the courageous voices of rabbis, priests, imams, and ministers in languages both familiar and foreign. It is a message that refuses to be muffled by the words and actions of the fear mongers.

It is time. No, it is past time to stand together in the face of fear and boldly proclaim a different message. The messages of fear and hatred have no chance against a people who are united in their resolve to speak of and live into the better way.

May we have the courage to stand together and seek justice, mercy, peace, hope, and love even within this culture of fear. 


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