Unity Over Uniformity

In the noise and vitriol of the last year, it seems as though we have forgotten that unity and uniformity are two different pursuits. 

Our goal as a people should be to seek harmony in the midst of our differences (unity) and not to stay the "same at all times, in all places, or for all parts or members" (uniformity from Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Unity is the noble quest to remain together no matter what for the good of the whole. Uniformity is the search for an unrealistic sameness in thought and behavior for the protection of those in the position of power. The first represents the dream of a healthy and diverse democracy. The second exposes the anxieties and fears of difference and change. As we approach the end of months of posturing, finger pointing, name calling, and heated angry discourse may we remind ourselves and one another that unity is up to us. We are not beyond it. All hope is not lost. 

However, unity can only be found in re-dedicating ourselves to the difficult work of staying together despite our differences of opinion, listening to the thoughts and fears of those with whom we disagree, standing up for the rights of each person to hold and state their ideas no matter how far away they may seem from our own, and seeking the good of all no matter the cost to our personal comfort. 

When we finally get a reprieve from these awful and all pervasive political ads let us remember that unity has always been up to us, "WE the people". 

Blessings, my friends. 

Let us be good to one another.


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