The Wait Is Over - Did We Miss It?

There was so much build up; so much anticipation.
We had waited so long.
Our expectations were so high.
But things didn't go the way we had planned.
This wasn't exactly what we thought we were waiting for.
This wasn't what we had hoped for.
For what did all of our waiting get us?
A baby.

We wanted the sky to split.
We wanted the earth to shake.
We wanted retribution.
We wanted our kind of justice; the Dirty Harry, Punisher kind of justice.
We wanted freedom at the expense of the oppressors.
We wanted our enemies to be dispatched.
And what did our deepest desires get us?
A baby.

A newborn baby.
Born in an out of the way town.
Born to a yet to be wed couple.
Born in the manner in which all babies are born.
Born through water and blood.
Born crying with his first breath.
This is who we got;
A baby.

Yet, somehow we have received more than we bargained for.
Babies have a way of changing everything.
And this baby does just that.
This birth turns everything upside down.
This child interrupts our status quo.
This tiny one tears time and space in two.
Tonight is born anew
A baby.

Tonight this child waits no more.
Tonight this child births into us
Tonight our waiting is over through
This baby.

Mercy is for those who fear him.
The proud are scattered in the thoughts of their hearts.
The powerful are brought down from their thrones.
The lowly are lifted up.
The hungry are filled with good things.
The rich are sent away empty.
This is the call that arrives with
This baby.

For tonight this child has been born for us.
Authority rests upon his shoulders;
and he is named
Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.
This baby.

Tonight, will we allow our lives to be any different?
Will we allow this baby to be born
In us;
Through us;
With us?
Or will we decide to continue to wait?
Will we miss
This baby?


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