Dwelling in the Yes, And

The divine dwells 
in the "yes"
beckoning us 
toward the "and"...
encompassing all things
as deep 
calls to deep. 

The "yes" 
is the acknowledgment of
the space,
the moment, 
the experience 
in which we find ourselves 
in present tense. 
Not a fatalistic demand 
to be thankful 
for that which 
is taking place. 
Rather, a call 
toward awareness
of presence

"Yes, here I am." 
Even here 
I am not 

The "and" 
beckons us 
no matter what 
toward the depth 
of that which we don't 
about existence, 
about experience,
about personhood, 
about the divine.
The "and" gives assent 
to the mystery 
of what is 
yet to be 
that which perhaps 
may already be 
or that which we 
are invited 
to co-create. 

In this acknowledgment, 
in this vulnerability,
in this "yes, and"...
we find the Christ 
journeying with us;
meeting us there. 
This is the redemption 
of all things. 
This is salvation. 



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