Air We Breathe

(a poem)

You exhale. 
I inhale. 
I breathe out. 
You breathe in. 
The air we breathe
is all the same.
That which 
fills our lungs,
feeds our blood,
gives us life
is the essence 
we share. 
With each breath 
we breathe 
we take in the air 
of the ancients. 
The particulates it contains 
hold the core 
of all that has ever lived,
of all that has ever been. 
We are a part of their story;  
they are a part of ours.
You are a part of my story;
I am a part of yours.  
That which we believe
separates us;
that which we say
differentiates me from you;
that which we claim
is vital to our being
pale in comparison 
to that which we share. 
This air we breathe. 
and this air 
we breathe. 


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