And Away We Go

We have hit the road rolling. We are on the way to Chicago, then Rome, then Athens. All in the next 36 hours! We are thankful for you, for your love, for your support, for your encouragement, for your prayers. This is going to be an amazing adventure.

As we begin, we have all been reminded of these things . . .
1 - Be present. We have challenged ourselves to be present with ourselves, with one another, with this experience, with the locations, with the God who will meet us there.
2 - Move toward one another. Move toward that which we are experiencing.
3 - Make sure that no one is left behind, left out, left on the sidelines.
4 - Care
5 - Ask your question and then ask the better question that is resting within your first question.
6 - Be open.
7 - See from someone else's perspective.

Join us on our adventure.
Pray for us while we are away.
We are thankful!


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