Divine Disrupter - a prayer

O Rushing Wind,
Burning Bush,
Tongue of Fire,
     awaken us from our slumber;
     wrestle us from our comfort.

Forgive . . .
     our fear
          disguised as righteous indignation;
     our hatred
          heralded as piety;
     our selfishness
          depicted as personal freedom;
     our pride
          veiled as gratitude;
     our complacency
          presented as patience.
Forgive us.

May our repentance
     be evidenced
       in our turning
          toward one another
          away from that which
          we allow to separate us.
May we experience your glory
          in the faces
          of those we are
          reluctant to see.

We pray,
O Divine Disrupter,
breathe in us
set us
grant us
          to speak
               your grace,
               your mercy,
               your justice
     in a language
          your world
               can hear.


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