Advent - Love Is (a poem)

Love is.
Love is decisive.
Love is relentless.
Love is stubborn.
Love is 
no matter what;
no matter when;
no matter the cost.
Love is "yes, and".
Love is "with".
Love is “for”

Love is reckless and illogical.
Love stands when it more convenient to sit.
Love stays when it is easier to leave.
Love is silent when all you want to do is speak.
Love speaks even when fear tries to steal your voice.

Love moves forward 
toward one another 
when doubt, uncertainty, discomfort
would remain isolated.

Love sees people
as human
not as 

Love is that thing,
that mysterious,
indescribable thing,
which holds us together
when all else
seems to be crumbling

Love is beyond us,
yet dwells within us.

Love makes no sense;
yet love is the only thing that makes sense 
out of this everyday nonsense.

Love is not for the faint of heart.

Love cannot be found... 
Love is.
— bshivers


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