And Then (a poem for Christmas Day)

And then,
it happened . . .
the unimaginable
the in-breaking,
the delivery,
the disruption,
the coming together,
the nascency.

There was labor.
There was pressure.
There was pain.
There was tearing.
There was agony.
There was ecstasy.
There was power.
There was birth.

The poor sing songs of deliverance.
The oppressed cry out in relief.
The prisoners dance liberation.
The outcast celebrate inclusion.
The sightless see visions.
The lame leap for joy.
The mighty are brought low.
The systems of power and privilege cast down.

And the world
     may never be the same.
The world
     should never be the same.
Our world
     must never be the same.
     cannot be the same.


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