Peace of Advent - As If for the Very First Time (a poem)

Peace is
     more than a comforting platitude.
Peace is
     more than a careless valediction at the close of correspondence.
Peace is
     more than a holiday card covered in glitter.
Peace is
     more than twinkling lights of red and green.
Peace is
     more than a well worn symbol on a threadbare tie-dyed t-shirt.
Peace is
     more than two fingers lifted skyward.
Peace is
     more than something that should be given a chance.

Peace changes
Peace turns
     all we once thought we knew so well downside up.
Peace shatters
     silence brokered by the intimidating agents of violence.
Peace awakens
     visions of what might be in the minds of young women and young men.
Peace mends
     fiercely divided lives and fractured existence.
Peace proclaims
     hope of a different way than the status quo.
Peace births
     wholeness, shalom where once there was only splintered pieces.

Peace is
     the avenue where steadfast love and faithfulness meet as long lost friends.
Peace is
     the lingering taste on the lips when justice and completeness kiss.
Peace is
     faithfulness springing fresh from the ground long quieted by winter's sleep.
Peace is
     righteousness peering through the cracks of the heavy grey clouds.
Peace is
     that in which we have dared to hope even in the most dire of circumstances.
Peace is
     the seldom traveled pathway of full restoration.
Peace is
     the advent of all things made new as if for the very first time.
       -- bshivers


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