Hey, are you awake yet?

“Hey, are you awake yet?”
I hear this question from my childhood ringing in my ears. I remember anxiously whispering this question into my mom’s ear while standing beside my parents’ bed on Saturday mornings and excitedly shouting it from the top of the stairs in the early hours of Christmas Day. There was so much to do. And I knew that without an affirmative response to the question, not much of it was going to happen. Didn’t they know? Now was no time to still be sleeping.
“Hey, are you awake yet?”
Today, I hear this question echoing in the depths of my being. And I need to answer. There is so much work that needs to be done. My part in that work begins with an affirmative response to the question.
“Hey, are you awake yet?”
I’m waking up. I know that I am not fully woke, yet. But every day I am wiping more sleep from my eyes and see more clearly where I can join in the amazing work that is already being done. I know that now is no time to still be sleeping.
When you see me, please don’t hesitate to ask,
“Hey, are you awake yet?”


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