Ever Toward Freedom (a poem)

The Divine
is not a commodity
to be 
and sold
by charlatans 
and slave traders;

held captive 
on unholy commercial plantations 
and tortured
for the pleasure and profit
of the privileged and powerful
who believe they make the rules. 

She cannot be possessed
as an instrument of desire
or every passing whim,
as if holy mystery 
and sacred activity
could be conjured
by force 
or special incantation. 

Her spirit 
will rise
flowing freely 
where she chooses. 
Her song can be heard 
but her origin and destination 
remain an enigma. 

Those who have ears to hear  
Her calling 
follow with delight. 
Those who do not, 
fear Her coming and going
yet still 
claim ownership 
and secret knowledge. 

Be still. 
Listen, for rushing wind. 
Watch, for tongues of fire. 
She has always 
been unfettered 
and moves 
ever toward 
freedom, justice, and mercy.

  — bshivers


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