Oneness of We (a poem)

No matter
     the language spoken or native tongue;
     the land of origin or ancestral home;
     the longitude and latitude of the place one resides;
     the way in which one has arrived carrying their dreams in tow;
     the religious habits and stirrings of the heart;
     the amount of melanin in the skin;
     the manner in which one is loved or who they call their beloved;
     the life experience that informs the present;
     the past which may haunt today;
     the color and shape of the eyes through which the world is seen;
there is a spark on the invisible line that seems to separate the you from the me
and fills the space in between, 
the spirit of the divine 
dwelling within and without
revealing to all who possess the heart to behold
the magnificent depth and contours 
of the soul that is outside our own
yet shares the mysterious oneness of we.
  — bshivers 


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