Teenagers Will Change the World

It has been my great honor and privilege to work with teenagers for over 30 years. I am regularly overwhelmed by their intelligence, humbled by their passion, encouraged by their faith, and challenged by their questions.
When people ask why I still do what I do, these are only a few of the reasons.
This past week, after a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude, we have been reminded once again of the
and brilliance
of young people.
They continue to lead the way.
The rest of us would be wise to
listen to their stories;
encourage their passion to change the world in which they live;
support their efforts to make a difference;
guide them as they encounter the challenges of an often unjust system;
and never ever dismiss them.
They deserve our best and have not been getting it.
They will change the world.
The question is, will we join them in their revolution?


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