Eternity (a poem)

Today, I touched eternity
     this tree,
          or was it a forest,
          primordial rebirth,
     hand quivering with connection,
          energy transfer
          through spread fingers. 

Today, I held eternity 
     this child,
          or was it humanity,
          all present in one being,
     arms heavy under the weight,
          promise whispers
          through each coo.

Today, I beheld eternity
     this lover’s face,
          or was it love itself,
          who contains all things,
     eyes filled with tears,
          acceptance pours
          from her soul.

Today, I breathed eternity 
     this wind,
          or was she the spirit,
          who has always been,
     lungs expanding with presence,
          love courses 
          through these veins. 
  — bshivers


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