Patmos - the Mystery of the Jerusalem of the Aegean

Some mornings, you get on a boat.
Some mornings, you travel across the sea.
Some mornings, you journey to a mystical place.

And when you arrive, everything changes.

You visit a monastery.
You meet a monk.
He is transformed by the interaction.
He allows you to visit the relic room.
Few visit the relic room.

You stand in the presence
        of the remains of Chiristodoulos Latrinos of Patmos and Wonderworker
        who established the Monastery of St. John the Theologian.
You stand in the presence
        of the remains St. Thomas the Apostle.

You stand in a sanctuary.
You are in awe of the icons.
They are miraculous.

And then,
and then,
the cave.

THE cave.
The one in which the Apostle John
        received the revelation.
Beginning and end.
First and last.
New heaven, new earth.
        all things are new.

You are changed.
We all are changed.

Thank you for your prayers. We are looking ahead to what tomorrow might bring.


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