Children of the World

O children of the world,
we have failed you. 
The streets 
     on which you walk are dangerous.
The water 
     you are forced to drink is poison. 
The schools 
     you attend are a threat to your existence. 
The adults 
     on whom you rely prey 
        upon your innocence and vulnerability.
The planet 
     you call home is dying 
        through our neglect and exploitation.
We act as if 
     we are purposely trying 
        to eliminate your youth 
           before it begins.
We seek 
     to secure our today 
        without a thought 
           for your tomorrow. 
You don’t need 
     another hollow apology.
You need 
     our active repentance - 
        a turning from our ways; 
        a turning back to you.
O children of the world,
we have failed you.
- bshivers


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