I Cannot Stay Silent

This is my second post about the horrible act of violence and terror against Congregation Shaarey Tefilla that took place in the early morning of Saturday, July 28, 2018.

Some have asked why I decided to draw attention to this act committed against this congregation located in Carmel, Indiana through Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts. 

They have asked things like, 
“Aren’t you giving the perpetrators what they want?" 
"Aren’t you giving them power?" 
"Why not just ignore it?”

Here is why I cannot stay silent. 

I firmly believe that a decision on my part to remain silent in the face of marginalization, oppression, and violence is an act of complicity and can lead to the normalization of such attitudes and acts. This silence is a luxury of privilege and power. Those who have historically been the targets of such attacks have often suffered twice because of the silence and apathetic response of people like me for far too long. I have been silent and inactive in the past and can no longer afford to be. It is the right thing for me to do. And as a person of faith, as a member of the clergy, I am called to do so.

And ultimately, my friends need me, and I need my friends. 

This is why I choose to show up, speak up, and stand up.

- bshivers


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