Here’s the deal . . .
there are humans out there,
there are humans here,
here on this planet we share,
you know,
our real neighborhood,
who look nothing 
like me,
like you,
like us.
They don’t speak the same language with the same accent or the same intonations.
They probably call the divine by a name that is different than the one that seems familiar.
They likely worship in a space that looks, smells, sounds unusual.
The place they call home is beyond imagination.
Their lives are not much like our own,
at least on the surface,
but underneath it all,
the lives we live,
the pains,
the loss,
the joys,
the sorrows,
the struggle,
are eerily similar
in a completely different 
kind of way. 
Yet we belong to one another. 
We are responsible for one another.
They are our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our daughters, our sons. 
They are us. 
We all belong to each other.

- bshivers 


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