What Do You Carry

I have personally become aware of how much I carry with me everyday. 

There is the grief over lives lost and loved ones missed . . . 
There is the uncertainty surrounding what may be ahead . . . 
There is the sadness about opportunities missed . . .
There is the guilt over things done and things left undone . . .
There is the weight of unreasonable expectations I place on myself or what I think others expect of me . . . There is the fear of letting others down . . .
There is . . . 

This list could go on. Maybe you have a similar one.

Today, we find ourselves halfway through this Season of Lent - a season of the Christian calendar that opens the door for reflection, introspection, contemplation, and renewal. As a part of this journey, what if we took the opportunity to take a long look at all of the things we carry? What if we examined each one and reflected on where they come from? What if we then asked if this particular thing is something that is ours to carry? What if we let go of those things that we can release? For the things that remain, what if we decided that we would no longer try to carry these things by ourselves? What if we told a trusted friend about the things we are carrying? What if we gave ourselves grace to be exactly where we are right now?

Maybe it is time to make a list of things of which you can let go.
Pray over your list.
Tear your list into little bits and throw yourself a confetti party.
Feel the release as the pieces fall to the ground.
Celebrate your self.

Tomorrow, you may have to make a list all over again. It may even be the same list. Go easy on yourself. It is a process. Have another confetti party. 

And remember, you are loved. You are enough. You are not alone.


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